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This is a continuation of the beginners course which began last year  so is only suitable for those with a some previous knowledge.  Lively, fun classes with experienced teacher who is a native Castillian speaker.

Please contact Carole Heselton to register your interest at or call Carole on 01727 754113.

Feedback from previous students:

"I very much intend to carry on with this class.  Elisabet is absolutely excellent and I am enjoying it enormously"PB

"The group (the teacher and the other students) has been really nice, and they have tolerated my little knowledge very well!" AT

The course is not running this term.  If you are interested please contact 


Children will learn the basics of Spanish in a fun, relaxed atmosphere focused primarily on speaking with some reading and writing through a variety of stimulating and enjoyable activities. They will also be introduced to appropriate elements of Spanish life and culture. Taught by an experienced teacher. 

Spanish Intermediate is the third year of study and the students have started followig the GCSE course.  Speakers with a good level of Spanish who would be interested in following the GCSE course would be welcome to join.

This class will be following the GCSE syllabus so is suitable for people who have already been learning Spanish for about two years.   The class is taught by a very experienced teacher and will focus on reading, writing and speaking.


Feedback from previous students:

"Thank you too for all your help with sorting out the GCSE. I really appreciate all the work you and Shelley are putting in to make it possible."

"I enjoyed very much Shelly's teaching this year,  she has the ability to make her lesson fun, interactive and  memorable."




Join our exciting Street Dance Class taught by Ms Meeking, Director of Learning for Dance at Sandringham. Work with Sandringham's dynamic Dance Department and put together hip hop and street dance routines. Take part in performances in school. The class  takes part in the Velocity Dance Display at Sandringham School in the Spring Term each year with other opportunities to perform in the Summer Term.   Boys and girls welcome. 


Contact if interested.

"such a fab class and great experience for the kids. Thank you for all your informative emails and gentle reminders over the years! My son has enjoyed Street Dance immensely!" JS