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This course aimes to develop your confidence through exploring personal values, attitudes to change, assertiveness and sources of inspiration.  It is led by an experienced facilitator who is able to create a warm friendly and fun environment.  it's a good starting point for anyone who is planning a life change or career change.

Courses are funded by HAFLS ( Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning.) 

"Louisa ( our manager) gave us invaluable skills to be able to manage things and make us think.  I make myself step out of my comfort zone. " 


You may also be interested in the following courses also running on Thursday mornings from 9.30 am to 11.30 noon:

  • Boost Your Confidence 7 June to 5 July 2018

This course will help you identify strategies for increasing your confidence levels, recognising your own values, skills and abilities and using lateral thinking to see the strengths in your weaknesses. 

The course is frun in conjunction with HAFLs ( Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning) who also provide the funding. 

It is led by an experienced facilitator who is able to create a warm friendly and fun environment.  it's a good starting point for anyone who is planning a life change or career change.


‘Just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ for a very informative and useful course. Found your feedbacks and suggestions really helpful, and really enjoyed the company of the other students (and yourself of course!).'


Brave hearts - bringing characters to life

Creating characters with depth and fascinating flaws and talents is fundamental to fiction writing.  The class will explore different techniques for portraying convincing characters. We shall also be looking at the importance of settings, turning memoir into story and technical issues such as choosing whether to write as ‘I’ or ‘s/he’. We shall produce writing – either class tasks or our own projects - and review each other’s work.This supportive group is always open to newcomers.



Mon 23 April  to 25 June  ( no class at half term w.c 28 MaY)

7.30 - 9.30pm Fee £88




Taught by local award-winning, agented writer, Clare Hobba. Suitable both for beginners and those with more experience.


Two of our authors have been published.  Congratulations to K A Hitchins, one of our creative writing group, who has a second novel out now which developed from a creative exercise at one of our sessions.  For more information about her work, visit


Follow Clare at

To enrol for this class, email or call Carole on 01727 754113. 


"This is a great class, combining excellent teaching, group discussion, writing exercises and constructive feedback on your own writing project.  The best thing about it is the warm, supportive atmosphere, and the fact that we have fun together." KW

"I would recommend this class to writers of all abilities and levels of experience. The participants are friendly, enthusiastic and highly supportive to one another. It is facilitated by an excellent tutor, who allows individuals the freedom to write on topics of their choosing, using a variety of genres."TB



"I very much enjoy the classes. Teaching very good."

'As a novice writer, I have found this course to be both informative and entertaining. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. My fellow delegates are currently engaged in writing across several genres and are most supportive in exchanging views and ideas. I would highly recommend these sessions to new and more experienced writers alike.' TG


The course is aimed at helping parents currently in years 4, 5 & 6 to support their children's learning and preparation for KS2 SATs.

NB There is now a charge of £5 for attending this course. 

In this course you will refresh your skills and develop your confidence in supporting your child's maths learning in upper Key Stage 2 at primary school and gain insight into their KS2 SATS. You will 

  • Use maths dictionaries to understand terminology
  • Identify different ways to solve maths problems
  • Understand and identify strategies for calculating with whole numbers and decimals and fractions
  • Practice the written method for multiplying and dividing numbers 
  • Interpret and apply BODMAS rules for numerical and algebraic expressions 
  • Use a range of models to represent fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Learn ways to support your child with real life maths at home.

The course is delivered in conjunction with Hertfordshire Family Learning Service and Verulam School.

Please email to register your interest. Email

This course is not currently running in the Autumn Term but parents who are interested should email to put their names down for the next available dates. 

This six week course  will help parents of children currently in years 4, 5 and 6 to understand the skills and concepts their children will be learning about in literacy in those years including:

  • progression in the curriculum
  • poetry
  • word games
  • punctuation
  • creativity
  • story structures - eg character description, settings etc
  • genres of fiction and non-fiction
  • sentence construction / grammar
  • phonics / spelling
  • skimming texts / comprehension
  • speaking and listening techniques eg questioning techniques
  • You will gain insight into the SATs, and be able to support your children's learning, help with homework and refresh your own skills. Classes are supportive and friendly, provided by Verulam School and Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning.