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This is a continuation of the beginners course which began last term so is only suitable for those with a some  previous knowledge or who have studied in the past.  Lively, fun classes with experienced teacher who is a native Castillian speaker.

Please contact Carole Heselton to register your interest at or call Carole on 01727 754113.

Feedback from previous students:

"I very much intend to carry on with this class.  Elisabet is absolutely excellent and I am enjoying it enormously"PB

"The group (the teacher and the other students) has been really nice, and they have tolerated my little knowledge very well!" AT

 Spanish Continuers is a continuation class for people who have been learning for three terms or who have a similar level of Spanish. Very experienced teacher. Practice reading, writing and speaking. Fun, lively classes. Email to enrol or call 01727 754113.


Feedback from previous students: 

"I loved the class because it combine all forms of learning from speaking, listening, reading and writing. Shelley created an environment for learning to thrive because she was a mentor, helped when we struggled and praised us when we did well. She also did a tremendous job accommodating to everyone's level of Spanish. I throughly enjoyed Shelley, the class, my fellow students and would recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their Spanish." CC

"we have had great fun and the classes have been really enjoyable"JB

Children will learn the basics of Spanish in a fun, relaxed atmosphere focused primarily on speaking with some reading and writing through a variety of stimulating and enjoyable activities. They will also be introduced to appropriate elements of Spanish life and culture. Taught by an experienced teacher. 

This course is post GCSE.  Ideal for students with three or more years experience who wish to develop their Spanish speaking, listening and reading skills.   To enrol, please email or call Carole on 01727 754113.

" The classes are full of information, which is given in a fun way, the whole atmosphere in the classroom is buzzing with fun, I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a new language." SM

"Thank you for all your help with sorting out the GCSE. I really appreciate all the work you and Shelley are putting in to make it possible."SH

"Shelley is an excellent teacher and always encourages the less gifted members of the class (mainly me !!)" DP

This class will be following the GCSE syllabus so is suitable for people who have already been learning Spanish for about two years.  We hope to offer those who are interested the opportunity to take a GCSE in the summer of 2018. The class is taught by a very experienced teacher and will focus on reading, writing and speaking.


Feedback from previous students:

"Thank you too for all your help with sorting out the GCSE. I really appreciate all the work you and Shelley are putting in to make it possible."

"I enjoyed very much Shelly's teaching this year,  she has the ability to make her lesson fun, interactive and  memorable."