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The German AS non exam class is suitable for people who are post GCSE standard. The class will be following the AS syllabus using Zeitgeist. The teacher, a native speaker, prepares a variety of materials for each class. There is quite a wide range of post GCSE experience in the class so please do get in touch if you think  it might be suitable for you. 

To enrol for this class email or call Carole on 01727 754113.


"Ingrid is an excellent teacher who prepares for lessons well and structures the lessons to ensure a variety of forms of learning. For me the content is quite challenging as the class includes some very capable pupils, but hopefully I am able to keep up and gradually improve my German. It certainly helps me when I have to travel on business to our office based in Munich." SS 

'As a teacher myself, I would thoroughly recommend Ingrid's Advanced German class. The atmosphere is friendly and we certainly learn a lot. Virtually the entire lesson is conducted in German, which really helps our understanding, yet the work is still differentiated for different abilities. We discuss some really interesting topics, often of our own choice, and these discussions are supplemented by the use of German youtube clips, films and articles.' NA

"Ingrid is wonderful !!! I am really enjoying the classes"

"I am really enjoying the German class...Ingrid is really an exceptional teacher and the class is exceptionally welcoming."

This class is suitable for complete beginners or those who have learnt in the past and wish to refresh their knowledge from the beginning.  Taught by a very experienced native speaker who uses a wide range of resources to get you speaking German as soon as possible.


Call Carole on 01727 754113 or email to enrol.

See what previous students have said about the teacher:

"This evening class has been a real find. For those of us who prefer face to face tuition over self-teaching, it has been a great way to spend a Monday evening. The teacher is excellent, we pick up grammar as we go along and after one year we can converse on everyday topics in German. I'm looking forward to learning even more next year."

I have enjoyed learning German (just for pleasure) although it has not always been easy!  Ingrid is helpful and patient, especially when struggling, and the fellow students also help and support each other.


Visit the testimonials page for more feedback about the German classes.

This course is ideal for those who have been learning for about a year or who learnt German in the past and want to refresh their knowledge. Taught by a very experienced native speaker.

"We find the classes very well taught but also fun and light-hearted so that we always look forward to going to them. Ingrid is a great teacher, and very patient which instils confidence. It is a social as well as educational evening."

"The class is very enjoyable and Ingrid is an excellent teacher."

". It is a brilliant course with a brilliant teaching and I had such a good time." AF



The German Intermediate Class is suitable for people who have learned German for two oe more years, or who have done German in the past and would like to refresh their knowledge. This term the class will be following the GCSE Syllabus. It is taught by a very experienced native speaker.

If you are interested in joining this class, please contact Carole Heselton on 01727 754113 or email


"Ingrid is an amazing teacher and in such a short time she helped me to improve my German."

I am really enjoying the German class...Ingrid is really an excellent teacher and the class is exceptionally welcoming".


Italian Advanced  course taught by very experienced native Italian speaker. Ideal for students who have been studying for around three or more years or have good previous knowledge of Italian.


Feedback from students of the Italian classes:

"Simonetta’s lessons are good fun"

" the class is very good and Simonetta is a brilliant teacher." MC

"The classes are very good." PB

"Still loving the classes so will definitely be joining again next term."