Italian Beginners 2 for Adults

This course is a continuation of the Beginners Course started last term and is therefore only suitable for people who have some knowledge of Italian or who have learnt before and wish to refresh. Taught by an excellent, very experienced native speaker.


"Alessandra is a great teacher.  Being a bit deaf I often struggle but never in Alessandra's class, she has a lovely clear voice and I can hear every word she says.  What also is good is that she has such an excellent command of the class,so it is always completely quiet when she talks which also enables not just me but everyone to hear everything she says."



"The pace of the lessons are perfect for me.  We always have a recap at the beginning of the lesson, before going on to new things.  The pace is quite fast, but I find it just right.  Importantly there are always opportunities for conversing in pairs. Alessandra's lessons are varied too, grammar teaching interspersed with activities like games and paired conversations plus of course listening to recorded Italian conversations.  All in all the lessons are excellent and I am really looking forward to next term.  It is great too that our teacher is Italian."

" I really enjoyed the lessons that I attended and thought Alessandra a wonderful teacher." JB

Number of Places Available
Cost £72 for eight sessions for BeauSandVer parents; £80 for others
Mondays 7 - 9 pm 8 May to 3 July
No classes at half term w.c 13 Feb 2017
Time 7 to 9 pm
School Beaumont School