French Continuers

Suitable for people who have learned for more than a year or who have a recent knowledge of French. Taught by excellent, very experienced native speaker. Emphasis on speaking and conversation.

"With respect to Helene's teaching, I believe she is the best French teacher I have had over all the years I have been studying French at evening classes - by a country mile (or kilometre). She is encouraging and, in particular, she provides a safe environment to attempt speaking French.  The classes are great. " PM

" I have enjoyed learning French again and particularly find the way Helene mixes the lessons withg a variety of listening, reading and conversation has given me more confidence around the language." CC

Number of Places Available
Cost £90 for parents at BeauSandVer Consortium for ten sessions; £100 for others
Date 27 September to 13 December 2017
Time 7 to 9 pm
School Beaumont School