Beginners and Intermediate Watercolours for Adults

Introduction to Water Colours

Ideal for beginners.  During this six week course you will learn:

  • about the papers, paints and brushes we use for water colours, 
  • how to stretch paper on a board,
  • how to lay down basic washes, colour theory, painting neutrals, tonal painting ( one colour), 
  • about creating simple landscape and flower pictures,
  • how to make basic bush marks, getting to grips with wet in wet technique, dealing with mistakes and using masking fluid.
  • We will look at a achieving a simple still life, painting with washes and introduce some creative techniques eg use of wax and salt.


Intermediate Course in Landscape Painting in Water Colours - Summer Term 2017 dates tbc 

This six week course is ideal for those who have completed the beginners course and wish to continue developing their skills and techniques, or people with experience already of the basics above who would like to learn more about painting landscapes. We will focus on six different areas of landscape painting including:

  • Pen/stick and ink sketching of landscapes, composition ideas, working from a photograph and working in one colour.
  • Painting skies, including the techniques to achieve sunsets, clouds, soft skies, stormy skies.
  • Using colour effectively, including understanding of colour theory, mixing colours, using complementary colours in landscape.
  • Creative techniques based on painting leaves and trees (using salt, wax, masking fluid), using a loose, free style.. 


NB for both courses you will be supplied with a list of materials to bring with you including brushes, paper, paint etc.  It is very important to buy the correct paper to achieve good results. Materials can be bought from W H Smiths, HobbyCraft, Rymans or a local art shop. Tiger in St Albans has some materials, as does ArtScape in Harpenden or you can buy on Amazon.

AnnMarie is a local artist who has years of experience in teaching as well as selling her own work and responding to commissions.  

Feedback from students of earlier courses: 

"AnnMarie's relaxed and encouring approach was just the tonic needed to give me the confidence to pick up a brush and just have a go. This easy going approach also left room for us, her pupils, to develop our own painting style...Great course!"

"I have attended several of the BeauSandVer consortium art classes and have enjoyed every one. The teaching standards are high, the tutors very professional and welcoming. The classes provide not only technical skills but also creative direction and inspiration. Having access to these sorts of facilities on my doorstep is fantastic and has allowed me to return to something I loved to do but over the years fell by the wayside. I would highly recommend the courses to anyone who would like to improve, begin or just get back into art." MO

"I really enjoyed the introductory course...AnnMarie gave us lots of info in a short space of time... is very encouraging at all times, never critical and generous with her materials and advice."

Number of Places Still available
Cost Intro to Water Colour £72 for six weeks
Date the course is not running in the summer term
Time Unknown
School Sandringham School