All Modern Foreign Languages for Adults

Beaumont's evening language classes are for adults. Develop your conversational, reading, writing and listening skills with experienced adult teachers. Most are native speakers. Classes are stimulating, friendly and fun, with the focus on developing conversational skills alongside reading and listening. You will be advised which course books to buy. Look on the individual course pages for more details about each language class.

Classes run for ten weeks per term and are structured to run for three terms during the year, providing 30 classes in total.

Beginners Courses are suitable for people with no knowledge of the language or who have a little knowledge and wish to start learning from the beginning again. We start in September and continue throughout the Spring and Summer Term, so if you wish to join the Beginners Course in either January or May you will need to have some experience of the language already. 

Continuers Courses are for those who have been learning for about a year. They are a continuation of the beginners course from last year, but are of course open to anyone with some experience of speaking the language. 

Intermediate Courses are for those who have been learning for two years or more or who have done GCSE or O Level in the past and would like to refresh their skills.


Intermediate Higher Spanish class is for those who have recently done GCSE Spanish and will move moving on to the next level. 

Advanced German is suitable for anyone who is post GCSE standard - there is a wide range of experience levels in this class. 

Monday 7-9pm

  • Spanish Beginners 2 Afternoon Class 
  • Spanish Beginners 2 Evening Class  
  • French Continuers 
  • Italian Beginners 2 
  • Italian Intermediate Higher 
  • German Continuers 

Tuesday 7 - 9pm

  • German Advanced
  • Spanish Intermediate Higher 

Wednesday 7 - 9pm

  • French Beginners 2 ( 7.30 - 9.30 pm) 
  • French Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate ( GCSE non exam class - first year) 
  • German Intermediate ( GCSE NON exam class - second year  

Thursday 7 - 9pm

  • Italian Continuers 
  • German Beginners 2
  • Spanish Continuers
  • Spanish Club for years 3 and 4, from 4pm to 5pm 




Number of Places Currently available
Cost £90 per term for BeauSandVer parents; £100 per term for non-Consortium parents. NB if numbers are low we reserve the right to offer courses at an increased fee to meet costs
Classes begin 2 May
No classes at half term w.c 29 May 2017
Time 7 - 9 pm ( except French Beginners which is 7.30 to 9.30 pm.)
School Beaumont School