Spanish intermediate

  • I joined the Spanish Intermediate Class at Beaumont School earlier this term and found a warm welcome and plenty of encouragement from the students there.  The tutor, Mrs Shelley Sharma, is very keen to improve fluency through conversation and discussion.  To this end she introduces work sheets which lead to interesting and relevant topics introducing new vocabulary and grammatical points.  This replaces the traditional reliance on text books but we use instead a short Spanish mystery novel with questions on each chapter to challenge our understanding.  If only the lessons were longer!  HD


  • Shelley is an amazing teacher with so much patience and plenty of ideas on how to help us individually.  She provides a huge resource of stimulating teaching material from a wide range of sources, in addition to which she always spends time talking to us one to one.  A great balance of grammar, up to date information, listening exercises and we have even started reading a novel in spanish!  KD

Spanish Beginners

  • It as a bit daunting to begin with but Shelley has a unique way of settling people in and making them feel welcome and comfortable.  The classes are full of information, which is given in a fun way, the whole atmosphere in the classroom is buzzing with fun, I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a new language.  Shelley is great at dealing with us all; there are different levels that we are all at, she has a unique way of being able to cover the topics for ALL of us.   SM

Advanced Spanish

  • Exceptionally  talented teacher, always well prepared and very responsive to individual needs. Friendly group,  range of experiences and interests to contribute to the class CE


  • The Advanced Spanish class is conducted in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Full of good humour and interesting debates. Our knowledge of Spanish continues to grow at a steady rate through the studies and guidance of our excellent and dedicated teacher. It is difficult to find suitable  advanced classes and really good to have such a great class locally. Beaumont's language facilities are excellent and the support given to these adult classes is fantastic. Thouroughly enjoyable, comeand give a class a try. Though the class is advanced, don't be put off,  we are still learning and are far from fluent yet!  CM


  • I have been learning Spanish for just over 5 years from a beginner at Beaumont and by Year 3 I was at AS Level. Gerlinde our teacher is a great help because she keeps the lessons moving at the right pace to challenge us, and knows how to be encouraging and positive. MH


  •   The class is good fun and Gerlinde is an excellent teacher. We learn about relevant subjects and have a social evening whilst learning at the same time. MC


  • Gerlinde tries very hard to make her lessons interesting, with varied learning activities.  She works hard to include everyone and teaches in a very calm, patient, engaging manner.  Lessons are enjoyable, using a range of approaches, such as online dictionaries, Kerboodle, a course book etc. She has obviously worked hard to establish a very positive atmosphere within the class.  The group is very supportive and clearly all look forward to and enjoy their lessons..  Thank you, Gerlinde.

 Beginners French

  • I am enjoying learning French in the company of other adults.  The lessons are paced appropriately, we learn grammar, vocabulary  and get to talk to one another at this very early stage of our leaning.  I love Tuesdays and coming to the lessons is something I look forward to. Elisabet, our teacher is great and she is happy to correct our pronunciation so that we sound French!  I love it!

Intermediate French

  • Within a  few weeks of starting the French Intermediate class I felt much more confident speaking aloud and conversing with my classmates in French.  After a year of study at the French Intermediate class, my French vocabulary has increased enormously.  Thanks to this class I felt very comfortable speaking the language on a recent visit to Pais. AR
  • My Intermediate French class proved a great way to revive a dormant interest, improve my skills and make some new friends in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Intermediate German

  • The Intermediate German Class is great!  Some of us were complete beginners when we started three years ago and others who had previous experience from school have joined us.  Ingrid is a marvellous teacher and the lessons are varied witha real mix of grammar, role play, reading, comprehension...and laughter!  The sampling of traditional German fare also features quite heavily! SM


  • German Intermediate on Tuesday evening is a fun night out.The German is hard but the company great.  Come along for a taster.  DC


  • the classes, which really are excellent – the mix of written, spoken, role play, reading, listening, exercises, vocab and grammar is great and I’m amazed it’s possible to fit so much into two hours! SL

Advanced German

  • I've been attending German classes at Beaumont for over 6 years and I've always enjoyed it. Things are very well orgainised and the tuition is excellent. Our tutor is highly professional and well prepared for our lessons. There's a good atmosphere amongst the group and it's always a Monday evening well spent. MS


  • It has allowed me to improve my German as well as being fun. It's pro-active, so without realising, I have improved my art of conversation which is always difficult to achieve. It has challenged me without putting me under a lot of pressure trying to do homework on a weekly basis. I really look forward to going every week.  SJ


  • The advanced German lessons are taught to a high standard, and are fun - two hours pass very quickly. Ingrid prepares a variety of material for each class, and so the tasks and the pace are changing all the time. In any one class we would expect to start with a chat about what we've done in the past week, discuss a homework topic (perhaps a short talk on a favourite book or TV programme, or an interesting news item), move on to exercises on a grammar topic, and then practise listening and reading. We translate quite complex sentences from English to German and vice-versa. We also read short stories or chapters from a longer story, or even a play where we all take different parts. My rusty German has improved hugely since starting these lessons.



  • Flower Arranging Workshops
    I have loved every minute of the flower arranging classes with Anita Lindeman – she’s  a fantastic teacher and after each session you come away with a beautiful arrangement that all your friends and family will admire.”    LS


  • Each course attended has been really enjoyable and new ideas with flowers to enjoy at home.  GS


  • The flow

    er arranging courses held at Sandringham School are a must for any 'want-to-be' flower arranger as I was! I attended the Christmas Flowers in December 2011 and was hooked. Anita is a delight, she tailors each session to suit the season so all arrangements are so 'this season'.  I have really enjoyed covering Christmas, Spring, Autumn and Summer flowers with Anita and now have the confidence and knowledge to create arrangements for my home. AS
  • Young Performers and Boys Breakdance/Hiphop Dance Classes
    My daughter loves dancing with Young Performers and she  loved having the opportunity to perform with the group at the Sandpit theatre earlier in the year. She and her friends all say Jac is  great fun and a brilliant dancer and instructor!    FC


  • M is learning a great deal at dance and has a fantastic time, the quality of teaching is high.  MC


  • “My daughter has immensely enjoyed the Young Performers class for four years now!  The teachers are an inspiration to the children and the shows at the Sandpit Theatre are a true confidence boost.  I would highly recommend this class and it’s great value for money!” AR


  • As to a testimonial all I can say is that I have had no problems getting my boys to a dance class as they literally ‘Gangnam style’ their way down the street each week in eager anticipation.


  • My daughter really enjoys the Young Performers Class and Jac is an inspirational teacher.  KC


  • My daughter really enjoys her weekly Young Performers dance classes. Jac is an inspirational teacher and supports all the children to improve their dancing skills and even have a go at choreography. Performing with the older students at the Sandpit theatre is a real highlight." KC



  • "It's great fun and you learn loads of new moves and skills"


  • We have two children who attend Young Performers, it is by far their favourite activity of the week, their teacher Jac makes it fun and exciting week after week increasing their confidence in the process. We can't praise it highly enough – keep up the good work !! and thank you all at  Beausandver Community

Art Textiles

  •   I enjoyed learning new techniques in a friendly atmosphere. The teaching was excellent with lots of encouragement for beginners. Everyone was keen to share their ideas and Lynsey is very good at providing inspiring resources to get you going. AE


  • I joined the Art textiles classes run by Lynsey Lloyd at Beaumont in september 2011. This has reignited my pre children interest in Art textiles. .Lynsey is a creative and supportive teacher who has introduced me to machine embroidery, batik, felt making and many other textile techniques. I continue to enjoy these classes as a social, creative opportunity to forget work, family and other pressures once a week . DM 


  • I love my Wednesday Art Textiles class with Lynsey.  It's the only time throughout the week which is really truly me time.  Lynsey allows you to express your own artistic skills, however limited they may be, and at the same time ensuring you expand your knowledge.  Last week made some felt, it was fabulous to see the design appearing
  • before your eyes.  Lynsey is a lovely lady and makes this a really lovely class.

  • Lynsey is an excellent textiles tutor.  She is very warm, enthusiastic and full of ideas.  I particularly enjoyed looking at her designs that she brought into class which gave me ideas for the projects I was working on.  I would recommend this course to anyone as you learn lots of new techniques and get to practise them all.  And if you don’t know what a French knot is, Lynsey is the one to show you!  


  • The textiles course is fabulous! Lynsey creates a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and I have learnt lots of new and exciting skills. It's one of the best things I've ever done!

 SuperScience Club

  • "It's great because we get to make different things each week such as gooey slime!"
    "Science isn't this exciting at primary school!"  AH


  • I have noticed how my son looks forward to going on a Thursday and as a parent of a very active boy whose other after school clubs are all physical it's great how's he's taking such an interest in the science. Miss Tucker must be very enthusiastic and this is transferred to the children which is great - thanks very much.  FH


  • The science club is really good because you get to use the bunsen burner and other interesting chemicals and acids. I liked making the crystals.  EW


  • Our boys find science club very exciting and are always very keen to go go each week.CM


  • Science club is a great experience for years 5&6 to experiment with sruff that you don't do at school, like making crystals out of awsome chemicals, and learning how to use bunsen burners.
    It is SOOO great!! LM


  • My son says that he likes it very much because it's very fun and informative although he is not happy that the group is too young to create fireworks. Mum is quite happy about that as he would probably try it at home and burn the house down!!

Community Choir

  • I  have never really sung in a choir before – I think that Alex is absolutely fantastic, massively  talented and such a brilliant teacher. Definitely on a par with Gareth Malone (they must be from the same mould!!!)  I  enjoy every minute of the session. AS


  • Alex is an extremely able and motivating teacher asd well as a talented composed of his own choral arrangemetns.  He concentrates on the detailed nuances of pieces adn helps us to hone our performances."  AR


  • A fun activity with a highly qualified teacher who is amusing and who helps us to sing accuragely solely for the purposes of enjoyment.  It is very reasonably priced for such expert tuition.  It is up lifting and we learn in a very friendly, unpressurised, positive atmosphere.  Everyone is so welcoming.  There is no assumption  that you can read music and not being able to read music does not hinder your progress at all in this choir.  We are steadily growing each term as a choir and retention levels and morale is consistently maintained at a high level.   I like the fact that it's only an hour (6.30 - 7.30)  and when you come home you still have time to do other things.  We always sing carols for the Lord Mayor's charity at the clock tower just before Christmas and it's a lovely event.  DS


  • This is my 2nd year as a member of the Community Choir and I'm really enjoying the experience.  I'm always humming or singing around the house and so it seemed like a natural decision to join the choir.  Singing gives me such a good, happy feeling and when we all come together in harmony it's just amazing!

  •   VL

    Creative Writing

  •  'As a novice writer, I have found this course to be both informative and entertaining.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  My fellow delegates are currently engaged in writing across several genres and are most supportive in exchanging views and ideas.  I would highly recommend these sessions to new and more experienced writers alike.'  TG


    Watercolour Painting and Creative Mixed Media

  •  Ann-Marie's classes have been great. She inspires creativity and, in a gentle manner, encourages and supports all participants.  I thoroughly enjoy attending and look forward to my classes throughout the week.  Equally, I have learnt a lot and feel much more confident as an artist.  MN


  • I have attended several of the  BeauSandVer consortium art classes and have enjoyed every one. The teaching standards are high, the tutors very professional and welcoming. The classes provide not only technical skills but also creative direction and inspiration. Having access to these sorts of facilities on my doorstep is fantastic and has allowed me to return to something I loved to do but over the years fell by the wayside. I would highly recommend the courses to anyone who would like to improve, begin or just get back into art.  MO

  • Just to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the creative multimedia course through BeauSandVer.  I haven't been this creative in a long time, it has unleashed some inspired pieces of work. Anne Marie the teacher is lovely and it's a very relaxed and enjoyable environment to work in. Two hours of 'Me time' which I recommend to anyone who wants to do art in a fun way. A O


 Jewellery Making

I attended 2 of the Jewellery Workshops at Sandringham School. I can honestly say what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning.
Liz is a very patient teacher and it is a lovely relaxed atmosphere with plenty of one to one attention.

I have never made my own Jewellery before, so a complete novice, but it was very easy to follow Liz's instructions and I am delighted with the end results. I have had many compliments on my necklace, earrings, and bracelets and am now happily to be found, in my spare time, designing and making for family and friends!!!

I look forward to doing some more in the future. SF

Cookery Course, Verulam School

"I made new friends and lots of yummy treats" RD

"My daughter (and the rest of the family) has thoroughly enjoyed the cookery lessons. They have been fun and creative. Every dish has been good but the flap jacks and rocky roads were our favorite. She will definitely be coming back next term." VA
"A fantastic class which my daughter has enjoyed far more than we ever anticipated. She can now bake competently at home and can even clear up after herself. She has also met children from other Junior schools and made lovely friends which will make the transition to secondary school less daunting. A great initiative, thank you. " HH